Our Woke Rating

We have researched some of the main commercial businesses operating in New Zealand. We looked for some key examples of woke policies and activities, including:

  • Virtue signalling, especially in ad campaigns and marketing activities.
  • LGBTQIA+ activism and marketing, Rainbow Tick certified, financially supporting LGBTQIA+ organisations and causes (e.g. Pride Pledge).

  • Supporting gender transitioning (including surgery). For example, some businesses will give employees paid-leave to undergo gender transitioning.

  • Committed to 40:40:20 gender split (40% male, 40% female, 20% other gender/non-binary), yep this is really a thing.

  • DEI (Diversity Equity Inclusion) policies and gender recruitment targets.

  • Supporting abortions. Woke businesses will often reimburse some costs for employees who need abortions.

  • Integrating Te ao Māori (the Māori world) and Māori spirituality into everything (especially when the majority of their customers are not Māori).

  • Evidence of Critical Race Theory, including training courses on “unconscious bias” etc.

  • Evidence of Ant-Semitism. 

  • Pushing “Climate Alarmism”, and committed to stringent emissions reduction targets. Support for Agenda 2030.

How do we rank each business?

The traffic light system is easy to understand and self explanatory:

Not Woke
Woke Lite (moderate)
Extreme Woke

This simple rating system is obviously subjective, but it’s our best attempt at giving consumers the insight needed to avoid businesses that don’t align with their personal values. 

  • All
  • Extreme Woke
  • Not Woke
  • Woke
  • Woke Lite
2degrees-logo Woke Lite


2degrees offers prepaid and pay-monthly mobile services, as well as fixed-line phone and broadband services. 2degrees is the third-largest wireless carrier in New Zealand. 2degrees is ...
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Air New Zealand Logo Extreme Woke

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand Limited is New Zealand’s national airline. The airline operates scheduled passenger flights to 20 domestic and 30 international destinations in 18 countries, ...
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ANZ-Logo Extreme Woke


ANZ is one of New Zealand's leading banking and financial services groups. More than one million New Zealanders bank with ANZ.
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ASB-Logo Extreme Woke


ASB Bank Limited (ASB) is owned by Commonwealth Bank of Australia. It provides a range of financial services including retail, business and rural banking, funds ...
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BNZ-logo Extreme Woke


Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) is one of New Zealand's big four banks and has been operating in the country since the first office was ...
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BP-thumbnail Woke Lite


BP New Zealand has over 210 service stations throughout New Zealand and employs directly over 2000 people. BP New Zealand operates BP Connect stores and ...
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Not Woke

Briscoes Group

The Briscoes Group is the holding company for retail stores Briscoes Homeware, Rebel Sport and Living and Giving, which are located throughout New Zealand.
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Bunnings-Logo Woke


Bunnings Group Limited, trading as Bunnings Warehouse or Bunnings, is an Australian household hardware and garden centre chain. The chain has been owned by Wesfarmers ...
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Burger_King_thumbnail Woke Lite

Burger King

Burger King opened its first restaurant in New Zealand in 1993. It now has 75 restaurants nationwide and over 1,800 employees.
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Coca-Cola-thumbnail Woke Lite

Coca Cola

Coca-Cola has been operating in New Zealand for 81 years. The business has grown to more than 120 products across coffee, juice, mixers, soft drinks, ...
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Contact-Energy-Logo Woke Lite

Contact Energy

Contact Energy Limited is an electricity generator, a wholesaler of natural gas, and a retailer of electricity, natural gas, broadband and LPG.
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Cotton-On-logo Woke

Cotton:On Group

Cotton On is one of Australia’s largest global fashion brands and part of the Cotton:On group. The first Cotton On store opened in 1991 in ...
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Most Woke and Least Woke Businesses

Woke Businesses in NZ

Most Woke Businesses in NZ

Here are some of the most woke businesses currently listed on this website. You can decide for yourselves who to do business with and who ...
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Woke Free Zone

Woke Free Businesses

Here's a list of some of the least woke businesses in New Zealand. You can decide for yourselves who to do business with and who to ...
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So what is wrong with Businesses being Woke?

Most people just want to purchase products and services, then get on with their lives. They don’t want businesses shoving woke beliefs down their throats.  Businesses should stick to business, not telling customers what to think about social issues.

Any wokeness and virtue signalling detracts from a business’ core purpose, and ultimately passes on unnecessary costs to the customer. 

Businesses are free to support causes they believe in. We just believe that consumers should know what those causes may be. 

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