Most Woke Businesses in NZ

Here are some of the most woke businesses currently listed on this website (we will be adding more businesses over time). You can decide for yourselves who to do business with and who to avoid. This list highlights some the most woke:

  • The Warehouse
  • Air New Zealand
  • Spark
  • One NZ (formerly Vodafone)
  • BNZ, ASB, ANZ, Kiwibank
  • Starbucks

(note – this is not the entirety of woke businesses in New Zealand, but simply the most woke businesses currently reviewed on this website.)

If you compare the listed companies with their competitors, then you have some options for woke-free shopping e.g.

  • TSB, SBS instead of BNZ, ASB, ANZ, Kiwibank
  • 2degrees instead of Spark and One NZ (note – while 2degrees isn’t woke-free, it is significantly less woke that Spark and One NZ)
  • Farmers and Briscoes instead of The Warehouse
  • Any decent cafe instead of Starbucks
  • etc.
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