Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact us if you have other questions related to woke businesses.

What is Woke?

The term ‘woke’ was first used among black Americans in the 1930s, with the phrase “stay woke” meaning: “to have an awareness of the social and political issues affecting them”. This seems appropriate, reasonable, and justified. Most people today would be supportive of that movement, which opposed racism and advocated for justice in racially-segregated America. But like many movements or causes which begin with virtuous motives, political hijacking occurs along the way.

Sadly, the modern woke movement now represents something much broader and something very dangerous – wokeism has now morphed into the modern day outworking of Marxist ideologies that attempt to destroy the foundational systems and beliefs of western society. In particular, Marxist ideology views religion to be oppressive and exploitative. Woke movements such as Gender Ideology in classrooms, and the use of puberty blockers to “trans” our children are part of an agenda to tear down the Judeo-Christian values that underpin our culture. 

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What is wrong with Businesses being Woke?

Most people just want to purchase products and services, then get on with their lives. They don’t want businesses shoving woke beliefs down their throats.  Businesses should stick to business, not telling customers what to think about social issues.

Any wokeness and virtue signalling detracts from a business’ core purpose, and ultimately passes on unnecessary costs to the customer. 

Do you oppose Women's Rights?

No, we are actually pro-women. They have always been, always will be, our beloved mothers, grandmothers, wives, daughters, sisters, aunts. But we oppose the concept that anyone can become a woman simply by self-identifying as one. This is untruthful and harmful. We also oppose women’s rights being interpreted as the right to kill the unborn child. We believe the mother and unborn child should both be loved, supported and protected.

What is wrong with Black Lives Matter?

Black Lives Matter (BLM) pushes an extremist and often violent anti-establishment agenda that advocates tearing down our foundational institutions and defunding police. Black Lives Matter has also been accused of starting “race wars”. One of BLM’s co-founders stated that she and another co-founder are “trained Marxists.” Allegations of mismanagement of funds by the organisation Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation were raised after funds were used to purchase a $6 million home in southern California.

We oppose extremist organisations and movements like Black Lives Matter. But we also oppose racism, believing all humans are created equal and deserving of the same human rights.

Why is it so important to support Marriage and Family?

We believe that strong families underpin a strong nation, and that natural marriage – between a man and woman – is the foundation for a strong family. From emotional well-being to building strong families, fostering economic stability, and promoting social cohesion, the institution of marriage plays an indispensable role in the fabric of society.

Are you anti LGBTQI++?

Not at all. Just because we oppose gender ideology and “queerness” being pushed onto others (especially school children), we also believe that everyone is entitled to the same human rights.

What's wrong with DEI?

At first glance Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) sounds fair and “equitable”, but ultimately DEI ends up applying unequal policies to ensure preferential outcomes for individuals and groups based on race, sex, and gender identity. It gives special “rights” to special groups. In truth, DEI is mostly about advancing those who are not white, heterosexual, and male. DEI therefore ends up being a divisive and discriminatory practice. DEI undermines meritocracy as it encourages the hiring and promotion of employees based on their race, sex, or other “acceptable” characteristics, rather than on their skill, competence and work ethic. Thus, DEI is a form of Marxism.

What's Pink Shirt Day really about?

Pink Shirt Day began in Canada as an annual event against bullying, but in recent years this event has added greater amounts of “pro-trans” activism, especially in New Zealand. Pink Shirt Day pushes Gender Ideology in our schools and kindergartens. In fact the New Zealand version of Pink Shirt Day was founded to predominantly support and promote the Rainbow community, and partners with InsideOUT, OUTLine and RainbowYOUTH. Here’s what the organisation states on its website ( … “While all people can be the target of bullying, some groups or individuals experience more bullying than others. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual and other sexuality and gender diverse identities – also known as rainbow communities – experience higher levels of bullying. Pink Shirt Day started because people wanted to stop homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying, and this remains a strong focus of Pink Shirt Day in Aotearoa.”

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Do you oppose Environmentalism and Conservation?

No, we advocate for good stewardship of our environment. We are responsible for caring for and protecting the environment for future generations. . But we oppose extreme environmental policies and over-regulation that stifles innovation and growth. We also oppose the constant catastrophising of climate change which is creating pessimism and anxiety in our kids.

Is this site promoting Cancel Culture?

No, this site encourages people to purchase from companies which value their values. We don’t call for cancelation of woke businesses, but instead encourage those companies to stick to business, not politics. We want them to cease pushing woke agendas onto customers. 

Conversely, Cancel Culture is the mob behaviour of mass cancelling or de-platforming of anyone with differing opinions or behaviours, particularly conservatives. Cancel Culture has a chilling effect on public discourse, is unproductive, does not bring real social change. It causes intolerance and “cancelation” of anyone with differing views. Cancel culture is the enemy of free speech as it stifles open debate. 

Can’t businesses have an opinion on important social issues?

Yes they can. They are entitled to hold whatever opinion they want, but they shouldn’t force that opinion on staff or consumers. And consumers also have the right to know where a business stands, and who the business may be financially supporting. Customers will then know who they are indirectly supporting.

What about businesses that support conservative issues such as natural marriage and pro life groups?

Once again, businesses are free to support causes they believe in. We just believe that consumers should know what those causes may be. And as a website especially for social conservatives, we will certainly encourage support for businesses that support those values.

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