Woke Businesses in New Zealand

Are you sick of being served up wokeness?

The primary purpose of any commercial business is to provide quality products and services at a reasonable price; ultimately to satisfy the needs of customers and provide value to shareholders. Any wokeness and virtue signalling detracts from this core purpose, and ultimately passes on unnecessary costs to the customer. Most people just want to purchase products and services, then get on with their lives. They don’t want businesses shoving woke beliefs down their throats.   Businesses should stick to business, not telling people what to think.

Unfortunately “Woke Capitalism” is spreading rapidly through the corporate business world, affecting every category of business. Many corporations, CEOs, and wealthy elites are supporting “progressive” left-wing agendas such as transgenderism, same-sex marriage, climate alarmism, abortion, and Critical Race Theory. At the same time they’re undermining the Judeo-Christian values which have been the foundation of New Zealand society over many generations.

We would prefer that commercial businesses stick to business fundamentals rather than being distracted onto woke agendas. So we’re documenting wokeness in New Zealand businesses, so that Kiwi consumers can decide for themselves who to do business with and who to avoid. We want consumers to vote with their dollars, doing business with companies which value their values.

How woke are Kiwi businesses

Browse our database of New Zealand businesses and see how woke they are. Browse by industry sector. How we rate each business is obviously subjective, but it’s our best attempt at giving consumers the insight needed to avoid businesses that don’t align with their personal values. You can decide for yourselves who to do business with and who to avoid.

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farmers-logo Not Woke


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Foodstuffs-Logo Woke


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genesis-logo Woke

Genesis Energy

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Gull-thumbnail Not Woke

Gull NZ

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HallensteinGlasson-Logo Not Woke

Hallensteins Glassons

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Harvey Norman Logo Not Woke

Harvey Norman

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Jetstar-Logo Woke Lite

Jetstar NZ

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Just-Jeans-Logo Not Woke

Just Jeans

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Kmart-Logo Woke Lite

K Mart

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Kathmandu-Logo Woke


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kiwibank-logo Extreme Woke


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McDonalds-thumbnail Woke


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Most Woke and Least Woke Businesses

Woke Businesses in NZ

Most Woke Businesses in NZ

Here are some of the most woke businesses currently listed on this website. You can decide for yourselves who to do business with and who ...
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Woke Free Zone

Woke Free Businesses

Here's a list of some of the least woke businesses in New Zealand. You can decide for yourselves who to do business with and who to ...
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Latest News

Here is the latest news and examples of wokeness in New Zealand and internationally. Contact us if you find other examples of wokeness.

Drag Queen Jack

Ballantynes’ special beauty event is hosted by a drag queen

Ballantynes department store went woke with a special "beauty" event, hosted by a drag queen called Queen Jack.
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olympics drag queens

Coca Cola sponsors drag queens carrying the Olympic torch

The Paris Olympics has featured three drag queens carrying the Olympic torch this year.  The torchbearers are chosen by the Olympic sponsors and organisers, usually ...
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ANZ’s latest ad campaign features a man in a dress…

ANZ's latest ad campaign is so woke it features a man in a dress. There's also lots of cultural stereotyping.
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North Face racial inclusion discount course

North Face’s ‘racial inclusion’ discount course

Even the great outdoors is inherently racist, apparently. North Face has been widely criticised and mocked after the US retailer offered customers a 20 per ...
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Rainbow Tick Certified Organisation

Rainbow Tick Certified Organisations

A starting point for identifying New Zealand's most woke organisations would be to check the list of Rainbow Tick Certified Organisations.
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Nike Losing Billions

Nike still losing $billions after Mulvaney partnership

Last year, Nike followed Bud Light’s madness in recruiting Dylan Mulvaney (a man transitioning to a woman) as a brand ambassador. Nike had Mulvaney modelling ...
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Bonds faces backlash for using bearded man modelling a bikini

Bonds is a major Australian underwear brand. It is facing backlash for using a bearded, non-binary model wearing a bikini in a new campaign.
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rip curl surfer

Rip Curl faces backlash after using transgender biological man to promote women’s surfing

Australian surfing brand Rip Curl has used a transgender biological man to represent women’s surfing. Sasha Lowerson, 44, has been featured on the Rip Curl ...
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Woke Businesses

More Companies Go ‘Full Bud Light’ in Their Support for Transgenderism

Numerous woke businesses seem all too too happy to follow Bud Light's disastrous brand-wrecking strategy. Levis, Target, Starbucks, Disney, Nike and Sports Illustrated, to name ...
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Lego promoting sexuality and gender ideology to children

Lego, the world's largest toy company, are promoting identity politics and gender ideology to children with an ongoing LGBTQIA+ campaign. #GoWokeGoBroke
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samantha-hudson doritos

Doritos cuts ties with transgender influencer they posted about violence and paedophilia

Tortilla chips brand, Doritos, foolishly signed up transgender influencer Samantha Hudson, but then had to terminate the partnership after being made aware of the influencer's ...
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North Face Drag Queen

North Face Sponsors LGBT Overnight Camp For 12 Year Olds

Outdoor apparel and sportswear company, North Face, is sponsoring LGBT overnight camps for 12 year olds where children perform In drag and get "queer history" ...
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Woke Agendas

Woke Exclusion instead of Inclusion. Division instead of Unity.

Here are a few of the main woke agendas that businesses are jumping onto…

Gender Ideology

Transgerism and "Queerness" is being pushed onto society, especially onto children through the education system, media, and corporate brands.

Diversity Equity Inclusion​

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs are running rampant through businesses, schools and government agencies.

Critical Race Theory

This is the flawed belief that racism is inherent in all our laws and institutions, with the purpose of oppressing and exploiting people of colour.

Hate Speech Laws

The right to freedom of expression is enshrined in the New Zealand Bill of Rights, but recent political agendas have attempted to curb free speech in NZ.

Abortion & Euthanasia

The "death agendas" of abortion and euthanasia have become normalised in most Western countries. Many corporations support these agendas.

Virtue Signalling

Rather than focusing on providing quality products and services, so many companies want to solve the world’s social and environmental issues.

Climate Alarmism

Climate Change Catastrophe has generated great fear and pessimism (especially in kids), leading to a condition called climate anxiety.

Vaccine Mandates

Many companies enforced “No Jab, No Job” mandates, which divided the country and meant thousands of Kiwis lost their livelihood.

What we are, and what we are not ...

Due to our Judeo-Christian beliefs, we believe all humans are created equal, regardless of race, sex, religion, or social status. Just because we oppose radical sexuality and gender ideology being pushed onto others (especially school children), we believe everyone is entitled to the same human rights. We are pro-life and anti-abortion, and believe the mother and unborn child should both be loved, supported and protected. We oppose Critical Race Theory, but we also oppose racism, believing all humans are created equal and deserving of the same human rights. We are responsible for caring for and protecting the environment for future generations, so we support being good stewards of our natural environment, but we oppose catastrophising climate change which is generating great fear, pessimism, and “climate anxiety” (especially in children). We oppose efforts to curb free speech and religious expression in New Zealand. We are against woke agendas that create exclusion and division instead of inclusion and unity.

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Note - Your personal details will not be published.

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