Gull NZ

Gull is New Zealand’s largest independent fuel retailer operating a network of 115 service stations, the majority of which are unmanned sites. It is also the only independent operator with a vertically integrated fuel supply capability, owning a strategic import terminal located at Mount Maunganui. Gull was established in New Zealand in 1998 and sells over 500 megalitres of fuel annually, representing an approximate 8% market share of New Zealand’s liquid fuel volumes.

Gull is independently credited with keeping the fuel market competitive and giving savings to the Kiwi motorist through what the New Zealand Automobile Association (AA) refers to as the ‘Gull Effect’, which is the response to a localised price drop trend across competitors following Gull’s introduction into a new geographic location.

In July 2022, Allegro Funds Pty Ltd announced the completion of its acquisition of Gull New Zealand from Ampol Limited.


Woke Rating

Gull is not woke. There is no evidence of wokeness.

Woke Summary

  • Virtue Signalling – no evidence of virtue signalling.
  • Abortion – no evidence of being pro-abortion.
  • Critical Race Theory – no evidence of CRT.
  • Gender Ideology & LGBTQ – no evidence of Gender Ideology.
  • Climate Change – a carbon component was added to the price of fuel, as required by NZ law.
  • Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI) – no evidence of equity targets and DEI agenda.

Positive Policies & Activities

Gull has supported a number of charities and community organisations in New Zealand, including:

  • Animal Evac New Zealand
  • Voices of Hope
  • Everybody Eats

Note – This page was updated as of 20th May 2024. Please contact us if you’ve discovered other relevant information about Gull NZ or other businesses pushing woke agendas. You should also contact us if you discover some positively woke-free businesses.

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