Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman is an Australian multinational retailer of furniture, bedding, computers, communications and consumer electrical products. It mainly operates as a franchise, with the main brand and all company-operated stores owned by t. As of 2022, there are 304 company-owned and franchised stores in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and South-East Asia.

Harvey Norman was founded in Australia in 1982 and was introduced to New Zealand in 1997. Since starting in New Zealand, Harvey Norman has grown to over 45 stores nationwide plus offsite warehouses, commercial offices and the Auckland Support Office.

Source: www.harveynormancareers.co.nz/about-hn

Woke Rating

We rate Harvey Norman as not woke.

Woke Summary

  • Virtue Signalling – not much evidence of virtue signalling.
  • Gender Ideology & LGBTQ – NO evidence of Gender Ideology and LGBTQ agenda.
  • Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI) – has limited DEI policies and applies some gender recruitment targets. 
  • Climate Change – states the potential risks of climate change (and regulatory changes) on its business, but makes no mention of emissions reduction targets etc.

Woke Policies

Wokeness and virtue signalling distracts a company from its core business, which is to make a profit for shareholders while delivering excellent, affordable products and services to its customers. Businesses should not be distracted from this core purpose, otherwise there will be unnecessary costs which are ultimately passed onto consumers. Woke ideologies are typically unfriendly towards the traditional family unit.

Below are some woke policies and initiatives from Harvey Norman…

Virtue Signalling

Here are some examples of virtue signalling from Harvey Norman. 

Harvey Norman supports Pink Shirt Day. Pink Shirt Day began as an annual event against bullying, but in recent years this event has added greater amounts of “pro-trans” activism.

Gender Ideology & LGBTQ+

NO evidence of of Gender Ideology and LGBTQI+ activism by Harvey Norman.

The only LGBTQI+ example we could find was a Rainbow item on sale in Harvey Norman Australia. However it’s unclear whether this item is intended to promote LGBTQI+ or not – there is no mention of LGBTQI+ or Rainbow Pride.  


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Harvey Norman has limited DEI policies and applies some gender recruitment targets. 

Source: Harvey Norman Annual Report 2023

Climate Change

While Harvey Norman states the potential risks of climate change (and regulatory changes) on its business, there appears to be no mention of emissions reduction targets etc. 

Source: Harvey Norman Annual Report 2023

Positive Policies & Activities

Harvey Norman supports numerous charities in New Zealand, including:

  • Gumboot Friday – an organisation that provides young people with free and timely counselling services.
  • Kids Can – Since 2017 Harvey Norman has raised funds for KidsCan annual appeal, which raises vital funds to help provide Kiwi kids living with poverty with the essentials, such as food, clothing and health benefits.
  • Auckland’s Special Children’s Christmas Party – Harvey Norman is a long time sponsor of Auckland’s Special Children’s Christmas Party. This amazing event gives Kiwi children with special needs, challenging life or health circumstances the chance to attend a Christmas party.
  • Kidney Kids – Harvey Norman has supported the annual Kidney Kids Summer Camp since 2004. Kidney Kids is a registered national charity founded in 1990 to help children and teens with kidney disorders throughout NZ.
  • Official Partner for Paralympics New Zealand (PNZ).

Note – This page was updated as of 20th May 2024. Please contact us if you’ve discovered other relevant information about Harvey Norman or other businesses pushing woke agendas. You should also contact us if you discover some positively woke-free businesses.

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