North Face Sponsors LGBT Overnight Camp For 12 Year Olds

Outdoor apparel and sportswear company, North Face, is sponsoring LGBT overnight camps for 12 year olds where children perform In drag.

Called Camp Brave Trails, the USA program has locations in both Southern California and New York and enjoys support from the outdoor brand The North Face among other brands. The North Face has sponsored Camp Brave Trails for multiple years, stating in 2021 that it was donating over $70,000 to the organisation.

Videos posted by Camp Brave Trails reveal that young children involved in the program dress and perform in drag while wearing makeup. The camp boasts that children as young as 12 have gone on to start LGBT clubs at their middle schools after attending the camp.

“Our goal is to foster a supportive space where LGBTQ youth can connect with like-minded individuals, explore their identities, and pursue their passions.” … “We bid farewell to gender-segregated spaces and activities, tossed aside arbitrary dress codes.”

“Campers also embark on a journey of self-discovery and learn more about the LGBTQ+ community through exclusive programs you’ll only find at an LGBTQ+ camp. This includes identity-based groups, captivating drag shows and workshops, enlightening queer history lessons, and a fantastic clothing closet where you can explore gender expression or experiment with a new look!”

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