More Companies Go ‘Full Bud Light’ in Their Support for Transgenderism

The world’s largest brewer, Anheuser-Busch, may have lost as much as $1.4 billion in sales because of the backlash to its brief partnership with a transgender influencer to promote its Bud Light beer. Surely no other companies would be foolish enough to follow Bud Light’s transgender lead? Who in their right mind would follow Bud Light down this fatal road? A single can with the wrong partner sent Anheuser-Busch into a tailspin—with no relief in sight.

Yet numerous woke businesses seem all too too happy to follow Bud Light’s disastrous brand-wrecking strategy. Levis, Target, Starbucks, Disney, Nike and Sports Illustrated, to name but a few, are all jumping on to the transgender bandwagon.

Levis launched gender-neutral clothing line. CEO Chip Bergh announced the idea, dismissing any fears about “a Bud Light-type backlash” against Levis. Unisex clothing, he argued, is the wave of the future in a supposedly trans-accepting society. “We are building out slowly,” he explained to Axios. “It started with a small collection of gender-neutral or gender-fluid lines, and there’s definitely consumer appetite for that,” Bergh claimed. “And we are here for that.”

Target launched a trans line of clothes and books. With colorful messages like “Trans people will always exist!”, “Queer! Queer! Queer! Queer!”, “Cure transphobia, not trans people,” and “Ask me about my pronouns,” Target is putting itself in the bullseye. There are baby bodysuits, rompers, mugs, and a collection of books that would put most moms on the warpath. “My Sister Daisy,” which is about a boy learning how to treat his younger brother’s “gender [transition] with compassion,” is recommended for 5- to 7-year-olds, while “The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish” clocks in even younger (4-8).

Starbucks have been actively financing the movement to “transgender” kids. After a divisive pronoun campaign in 2019 called #WhatsYourName, Starbucks began offering to ship employees’ children out of state to “change” their sex. A statement from the company’s Sara Kelly announced that Starbucks is committed to the most outrageous forms of corporate activism—including paid travel for transgender surgery. “Regardless of where you live or what you believe, partners enrolled in Starbucks health care will now be offered reimbursement for eligible travel expenses when accessing abortion or gender-affirming procedures when those services are not available within 100 miles of a partner’s home.”

Sports Illustrated is also embracing transgenderism. Anyone who picks up a copy of the 2023 swimsuit edition hoping to see actual women at the beach are in for quite a surprise. Instead of a biological woman on the cover, the woke magazine opted for Kim Petras, a busty man who underwent “gender-transition” surgery at age 16.

And it’s not just American companies that are embracing transgenderism…

Bonds is a major Australian underwear brand. It is facing backlash online for using a bearded, non-binary model wearing a bikini in a new campaign. Bonds, a longstanding underwear, sleepwear and clothing brand, used several non-binary and LGBTQIA+ models as part of the campaign for its recently released Pride-themed collection. One of the models, Mikey – who stands at almost 2m tall, sports facial hair and uses they/them pronouns – has drawn a particularly strong response on social media, with a number of people expressing their outrage at shots of them posing in the Retro Rib Seamless Tonal Hi Bikini.

But why?

Family Research Council’s Joseph Backholm believes it’s because “progressives are true believers.” “They don’t just say the key to happiness is a world in which truth is personal and everyone gets to be who they want to be. They really believe it,” he told The Washington Stand. “They believe it so strongly they’re even willing to temporarily lose money along the way.”

“There’s actually a lot for Christians to learn here,” he insisted. “Do we believe the truth as much as they believe lies?”

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