Starbucks criticised for pushing transgenderism onto Indian culture

Last year, Starbucks released a slick advertising campaign in India, promoting their stores as the perfect place for biological men to introduce themselves to their dads as women. Many have labelled it too woke and extremist American gender ideology.

You can watch the full ad here …

The two minute long advertisement beings with a middle aged Indian couple sitting at Starbucks waiting anxiously for their son, Arpit, to arrive. The wife tells the father not to get angry. Then the Starbucks door swings open and – as soft music plays – in walks Arpit, wearing make up and a bright red dress. Arpit gives mum a warm hug. But with dad, it’s more of a tentative side-on hug. Dad then orders the coffees under his son’s new female name – Arpita. The commercial concludes with the cheesy Starbucks slogan … “It Starts With Your Name”.

It’s interest how the Left around the world regularly condemn Christian missionaries for changing culture, but they won’t condemn the American coffee chain for preaching transgenderism in India.

Many Indians demanded a boycott of Starbucks, with some accusing Starbucks of “imposing western culture in India”.

Watch the Starbucks video within this episode of McBlog …

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