No TERFs – Spark NZ and One NZ support trans attack on women’s rights

Spark NZ and One NZ (previously Vodafone) have engaged with controversial far left trans-activist Shaneel Lal in extraordinary engagements to attack women’s rights. The bizarre commentary appears to support Mr Lal’s call to suppress Kiwis’ voices based on whether they believe a man can be a woman or whether only a woman can be a woman.

Mr Lal, well-known for extreme language and considered highly heterophobic by many, posted a comment requesting the suppression of “TERFs”.

The term TERF means Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist and has become a derogatory slur towards women who follow the scientific defining of a woman.

While Mr Lal’s extreme rhetoric is well known, what shocked many was the reply by major telecom company Spark NZ:


This then led to Family First director Bob McCoskrie querying the bizarre support:



Spark NZ decided to double down, continuing to support the anti-free speech call by the extreme activist:


This led to many responding on social media threads about the corporate giants supporting the suppression of New Zealander voices due to having a scientific view of what a woman is, that is, a female human:

*** Following along with this, Mr Lal then doubled down on his alarming call to suppress, and this was shockingly supported by Vodafone NZ, now self-renamed as “One NZ”:

Kiwis have slammed the corporate giants across the internet, and there are now fears that New Zealand’s international reputation will be further damaged since the mob attack on women speakers at Albert Park in March this year.

Bob McCoskrie also received a Direct Message from Spark NZ, and his reply follows:

Hi there

Thanks for the correspondence.

The term TERF is a deliberately provocative and derogatory term thrown at women who believe that only biological women can be women (trans exclusionary radical feminist). It’s deliberately insulting to most women, and to men like me who believe that a man cannot be a woman, no matter how hard he tries.

But what is more insulting is that you’ve specifically supported a call to ban a large sector of the population.

And the call coming from someone who is extremely toxic and hateful in their posts.

I would highly (and respectfully) recommend that you delete the supportive tweet as shown above, and remove your support from the call being made by Lal to reject TERFs. Thanks for your consideration.

PS We are long time Spark customers – but that is currently under review.

That’s not a threat. It’s just how strongly many people feel about the tone deafness of Spark’s response.

Kind regards”

The situation is continuing to unfold…

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